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Chivers Plumbing can provide a fast replacement or repair of your hot water service in any emergency. You can have a new, energy efficient unit installed in just a few hours.

Wayne and Jordan pride themselves on the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their customers. You will find them always prompt, courteous and reliable.

Jordan Chivers

Managing Director

Jordan Chivers Being the son of a plumbing business director and well-known plumber, Jordan was born and bred into the industry; spending a great deal of his childhood alongside his father attending plumbing emergencies. As a former national level competitive swimmer, Jordan understands the level of discipline required to lead a company of this calibre. He prides himself on his family's reputation within the industry. He strives every day to create a modern-day approach to this forever changing trade. With customer satisfaction and perfect workmanship his main priority, Jordan sees his company becoming one of industry leaders in the coming years.

Mitchell Hardiman

Mitchell Hardiman Mitchell joined the team at WL Chivers Plumbing in 2015 after becoming good friends with Jordan Chivers through their specialist plumbing studies, where they met. Mitchell has now become an integral part of W.L. Chivers Plumbing, managing and carrying out over 40 jobs per week. Mitchell prides himself on his workmanship and communication with customers and is looking forward to what the future holds for him and WL Chivers Plumbing.

Daniel Giroud

Daniel Giroud Daniel started his apprenticeship under Wayne Chivers in 2010. Wayne's guidance has shaped him into the plumber he has become today. Daniel is an extremely valuable member within WL Chivers Plumbing. He has a vast knowledge of the ins and outs and the structure of how the company works. Daniel leads a team of three within the company. He has expertise in carrying out larger jobs and high calibre work including complicated drainage solutions and repair work. He and his team can be put into any plumbing situation and know how to work through any issues to deliver the best possible outcome.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson Kyle began working with us in 2018 as an apprentice. Kyle is very passionate and eager to continue developing his skills and is currently a probationary registered plumber.

Thomas Halbish

Thomas Halbish Thomas is an apprentice plumber, studying at Melbourne Polytechnic in Heidelberg.

Harry Chalker

Harry Chalker Harry is an apprentice plumber, studying at the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre in Brunswick.

David Mackie

David Mackie Dave is an experienced senior plumber with a wealth of knowledge throughout the industry. Delivering high-quality and efficient work, Dave is always reliable.

Carole Nink
Accounts and Receivables Manager
Carole Nink
Audrey Panagopoulos
Administrative Assistant
Audrey Panagopoulos

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